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“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning”

—  Meister Eckhart (via purplebuddhaproject)

“Baby, love yourself like you’re not waiting for someone else to do it.”

— Excerpt from for my future daughter, Y.Z. ( (via ignitelight)

“If you look too closely at the form, you miss the Essence.”


(via laughing-treees)


We Heart It.

“I never really understood the word ‘loneliness’. As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky and the ocean, and with nature.”

— Bjork (via liberatingreality)

“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.”

— Eckhart Tolle (via liberatingreality)

"The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into commodities and commodities into capital. The live green earth is transformed into dead gold bricks, with luxury items for the few and toxic slag heaps for the many. The glittering mansion overlooks a vast sprawl of shanty towns, wherein a desperate, demoralized humanity is kept in line with drugs, television, and armed force.”   - Michael Parenti, Against Empire

Reject the mainstream machine of misinformation.


There’s no good reason to celebrate this man. 

Fuck him!!